10 Tips to Ensure Child Safety at Home

You do your best to ensure that your child grows up healthy and has no barriers to their psychological development. But sometimes, some points in home life that you missed and therefore cannot take precautions can threaten your child’s safety. However, thanks to safety measures, you can minimize home accidents and ensure the safety of your baby. Now, let’s share some tips on baby and child safety.

1. Fix Some Furniture

Especially if your child is toddler, they may need support and support from furniture to stand up after crawling. Furniture that is not fixed and can be easily moved can cause injury to your child. We know you don’t want to be in this situation. Therefore, fixing products such as small tables and wheeled television units to the floor or wall can help you make your living space safer.

2. Get Help from Corner Protective Products

Some of the furniture in your house may have pointed angulars. We are sure that they are very stylish in design, but it is also unfortunately true that such furniture poses a threat to your child’s safety. Because, as our elders say, “The child grows up to fall,” and as you can imagine, hitting his head or body in a sharp area during a fall can cause serious injuries. For this reason, it is very important to close the pointed corners of your item such as coffee tables, consoles, tables, maybe even seats with corner protectors to provide a safe environment for the baby.

Avoid danger with window and contour locks

3. Avoid Dangers with Window and Cabinet Locks

One of the most obvious characteristics of children is undoubtedly their desire to explore the world. That’s why they ask dozens of questions in a row and are looking for new discoveries! However, this curiosity can cause harm to your child if you do not have adequate practices regarding baby safety measures at home.

4. Use a Lock for Situations That May Occur Due to White Goods

Although you keep an eye on her, your baby is an expert at moving fast! While you’re dealing with something else, he can open cabinets and find cleaning supplies, cutting tools or medicines that could be dangerous to him. Even if there is no damaging product in drawers or cabinets, their fingers may get stuck. Here, locker and drawer lock is a must to prevent all this! You should also not forget to secure these points with the child lock to prevent it from opening the window or balcony.

Yes, locks are very important for cabinets and windows. However, you should also take precautions for a variety of white goods such as ovens, refrigerators, dishes and washing machines. You can also install locks on these devices. Also, unlocking existing safety locks on the stoves can help you ensure safety.

5. Put Products That May Harm Him Out of Reach

Cutting or combustible products, batteries, medicines, glass decorative products, toys small enough to swallow… All of this can negatively affect your child’s safety. The solution is to position all this stuff out of the reach of children! You should also be careful to make age-appropriate choices in the choice of toys. You should not forget that small-sized products can be swallowed by children. Finally, you should not overlook that hot drinks and food can also harm it, and you should not position anything that is hot where it can reach.

Put products that can harm babies out of reach

6. Secure Sockets

He likes to explore with his little fingers and has no idea where in the house is a threat to him! Of course, one of the most important applications when it comes to home safety for babies is to close the sockets with special products and not to leave the multiple outlets with electrical connections exposed! Let’s also mention that you need to fix the cables to the wall.

7. Get Help through Security Gates and Bed Barrier

It is not always possible to observe the movements of children! Especially if you have a duplex house, if your house opens to an area such as a garden, the security door is one of the security products in the house where you need help. Thanks to the child safety fences, you can be sure that your child does not leave the area where they should be.

It’s important to keep your baby safe, not just when she’s awake, but when she’s asleep! You can choose barrier cots so that they do not fall while turning sideways during sleep.

8. Do Not Leave The Floors Wet

Home safety products for babies are of course very important, but you may also sometimes need to make additional applications to ensure safety. For example, if the floor remains wet after sweeping and wiping your house, it may cause your baby to fall and get injured. Therefore, you should do the deletion while your child is asleep or do an additional wipe to dry the floor.

Do not leave the floors wet

9. Keep Bathroom and Kitchen Doors Closed

Bathrooms and kitchens are very dangerous areas for your baby. Therefore, you should keep the doors of these areas closed. If your child is older and can reach for the doorknob, then it is worth locking the doors and carrying the keys with you!

10. Take Advantage of Baby Radios and Cameras

We are sure that you will take into account all the recommendations we have mentioned, but still the excess security measures will not hurt! That’s where the baby cameras and radios come to your aid. These technological products, which can enable you to watch or listen to your baby while he sleeps, play games and quickly intervene in any negativity, will help you a lot with baby safety!

We’ve listed the security measures you need! After applying these tips, you can enjoy spending time with your child!

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