Cat Safety Net

Cat Safety Net or cat mosquito net, Cats, which are one of the animals that share the most life in pet status, due to the game instinct and curiosity they create, cat safety nets that do not affect airflow, especially in the most practical, economical, balcony or all areas that may pose a safety risk, which can be used to ensure the safety of our friends living in high houses and living areas, vary according to eye openness and yarn type. All desired measurements are produced in Cat Nets. So let’s find out how to assemble or what other purposes the cat net is used for.

What is Cat Net?

Cat Net, Cat Safety Net, Balcony Net, Also known as Cat Mosquito net. You can better understand the importance of this net by reading our article Titled Importance of Cat Net. Cat Net or Balcony Net is applied to balconies or windows to prevent the risk of falling from a height of cats chasing flies or butterflies. At the same time, he prefers these networks in those who have young children in his home.

How should cat safety net assembly process be?

Cat Nets of the previously measured area, hooks should be mounted in suitable areas with steel dowel, hook or python hooks at intervals of 40-50cm, if possible in the next stage, steel rope should be passed through all hooks and stretching should be provided, if there is no steel rope help, the starting and ending points of the net should be connected to the normal hooks first, first of all, connecting from the starting sides is an important place for the full and complete measurements of the product. After the start regions are connected, they are made in other connections and the product is ready for use.

Aren’t Normal Mosquito Nets Reliable?

A bump or a paw blow that cats can apply can destroy mosquito nets. These mosquito nets can be opened very easily, as they are intended for flies in the name. So it’s not very safe.

Normal mosquito nets are not reliable and can tear very easily when cats scratch in products sold under the name of cheap and unsafe cat nets, it is worth updating them with a safer network.

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