Suffocation accounts for about 30% of unintentional deaths of children.

About 70% of drowning cases in children occur when there is no parent in their head.

In cases of drowning, where there are no fatal cases, permanent brain damage can also occur in children.

In addition, false jumps into the water, bumps or slides on wet ground are other important causes of injury and fatal accidents.

This information adequately describes the value of safety measures that you should take for children in pools.
Basic pool safety measures include the following.

Of course, the first and best protection is to never let your children out of sight in the pool.

In addition, install a pool security camera and pool alarm in your pool, which is active 24/7. And closing around the pool with durable pool safety barriers provides good protection.

Pool Safety For Children

Keep in mind that security measures such as cameras, alarms and pool barriers will be security measures not only for households, but also for curious children who will reach the pool from outside.

It is important to have the ability to shoot at night when installing a pool camera. If you are going to install a pool alarm, you can choose a type of alarm that is activated when the pool door opens or someone enters the water.

Underwater pool alarms powered by infrared sensors are more efficient. It is not affected by air movements, it does not give warning in vain.

The disadvantage is that when it is active, it means that someone is already in the water. You may have little time left to avoid an undesirable situation.

Another useful measure is pool covers. It is not recommended to keep pools without water in winter. For this reason, when you are not using a pool full of water, using a pool cover is the best safety option. This system is very convenient in installation and price.

In case of drowning in the pool, it will be vital that you have the following equipment at hand.

As well as swimming pools, ornamental pools and ponds are dangerous sources of water for children. In our country, among children, the habit of cooling off in the ornamental pools of parks, gardens or places is very common.
When using these pools also usually parents are not around. And a child can even drown in water up to his knee.
Moreover, these pools are not pools made suitable for swimming. Electrical installations inside them are greater than in swimming pools. And not all of them may have as solid insulation as in swimming pools. Or it can be tampered with by curious children because there is no warning.

Unfortunately, in our country, the fatal cases of children swimming in ornamental pools as a result of electric shock are too many to be underestimated.

In order not to encounter such undesirable situations, families need to warn their children very precisely not to go swimming alone.

The best way to avoid accidents is to be aware. Raising awareness of your children about accidents and educating them about what to do in an emergency is the main way to avoid unintended consequences.

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