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Safety net is a system used to reduce fatal work accidents when falling from a height. It also prevents the materials used in the structure from falling down from the exterior. It also allows employees to work high without restricting their movements, while providing passive protection against falls.

Safety Nets

Safety nets installed under the work area reduce the distance of employees from falling and reduce the impact of falling, preventing unwanted consequences such as injury and death.What Are The Advantages Of A Safety Net ?

  • Because the system is low-tech, it is easy to use. For example, it does not contain mechanical elements that can cause the system to stop as a whole when it breaks down.
  • When the system is installed, it stands in place in the open. It appeals to the eye. Defects can be easily identified because the system is simple.
  • The use of a safety net allows employees to perform work more conveniently and quickly, as the movements of employees are not restricted, as in some other systems. Therefore, time and costs are saved.
  • Thanks to a properly established network, employees ‘ feelings of safety increase, and employees can only focus on their work.

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