Security On Windows For Your Children

Our children are our most precious asset. It is our most important duty to protect our children from all dangers inside and outside the House.

Outside; it is possible to protect from bad people, natural disasters, wild animals and other hazards with the state’s on-duty personnel. And in the house, the biggest task falls to parents.

So, what are some of the dangers in the House?

1 – electrical outlets
2-corners of tools
5-tools that cannot be opened from the inside after closing the door (washing machine, etc.)

What can be done in these situations? Sockets are turned off. Sponges are glued to the corners of the tools. Fishnet can be attached to balconies. The doors of household appliances can be locked for children. Windows can be closed with mesh. We have to take glass and balcony sizes and cover them with quality mesh at an affordable price.

Children can climb on products such as sofa, sofa and coffee table and fall out of the glass. The only way to prevent this is to cover the windows with mesh. She has no choice. It’s impossible to put a lock on a sofa, a sofa, a coffee table.

As a result, the most important way to prevent our children from falling down is to cover the windows and balconies with mesh.
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