In the sector, the mechanism that ensures the safety of the employee is called construction safety networks. It acts as a kind of lifeguard. It also prevents the loss of construction materials by falling and prevents the injuries of the people below.

Scaffolding systems, which are the most important tool for the construction industry, can cause fatal accidents if the necessary equipment is not obtained. An auxiliary element that can ensure the safety of both employees and materials that can lead to the accident should be put in place.

Security networks are divided into types in terms of application;

1-V Type Security Application
2-T Type Safety Application.

As types of networks that bring security to the exterior, they are included.

Construction Safety Nets

It is seen that more conventional and cassette systems are adopted for exterior scaffolding systems. It is necessary to use a crane to implement this system.

For conventional systems, the sector in general calls it milosafe. The cost is also more affordable than the other. Application is made according to your preference.

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