merdiven boslugu ve galeri guvenlik filesi 4 mm 10x10 3

School Ladder Net

Classes of all schools are located within the floors. Because students reach their classrooms using stairs, some security measures must be taken in multi-storey schools. Because the school stairs are the most dangerous sections, the school administration has to get a safety net. The school stair net is the most important element that prevents students from falling and is sold at affordable prices. In schools, every mesh installed in the space of stairs is brought in a stretched state.

By relying on the Akde family for school ladder nets, you can make your school safer. As a company, we can offer you the greatest support in this regard. Preventing students from sagging down school stairs these nets are manufactured in various colors.

All of the school stair net are offered for sale by frequent tapping and manufactured from solid material. Because stretched Nets will prevent students from falling, they have become the normal need of every school. Every student who comes up the school stairs can feel more confident thanks to this file.

Nets that weave the school stairwells from floor to ceiling will prevent.

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