Akdefile Product Features

Product Details

All of our nets are ohsas, ISO, CE and TENSILE RUPTURE labarutavar inseparability certified.
The edge that bears the load of the perch net is delivered with a iskoto rope.
It is machine knitted and manufactured as stipulated by the occupational safety law.
It is produced with high strength and robustness. To get good results, its installation must be done robustly.
It is made of rope resistant to sun rays, sea water and external weather conditions.
There is an average usage period of 3-6 years, as long as there is no incineration and cutting.
It can be manufactured using the knitting system.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
It is produced according to the desired size.
The four sides of the product are roped and overlocked.
Our products are UV-contributed. It is produced according to the desired size.

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